Welcome to the Bundaberg Gliding Club

The Bundaberg Gliding Club was formed in 1965 at the clubs current site at the airfield 20 klms south on the Childers Road, just down from the Forestry Tower.

At present the club has 15 flying members. Currently our fleet consist of;

  1. A Grob 103 Acro Twin Seater Trainer
  2. A Twin Astir (privately owned but on line)
  3. A Pilatus B4 Single

All aircraft are online, the Twins are used for Air Experience Flights and student training. The club also owns a Pilatus B4 which is online for solo pilots with a minimum of 20 solo hours.

All launches at the airfield are by winch. Flying takes place every Sunday, weather permitting.

There are a number of ways you can fly a glider. See the Learning to Fly page for details.

Our Fleet
Air Experience Flights

Air Experience Flights:

We offer Air Experience Flights with an instructor for $170.00 per flight. The flight lasts 15-20 minutes. If we don't make this in the first flight we will give you another flight free. We also offer of a second flight within 30 days for half price for the same person. We can do this as the bulk of the fee is made up of insurance and this lasts 30 days.

You can pick up a voucher if you would like to give this as a present to a friend or loved one. Otherwise you can come out to the field on a Sunday around lunchtime. We can usually ensure you get a flight.

Contact Us Today to book your flight.