Learn to Fly

If you wish to learn how to fly a glider you can join the club and hire our gliders at very reasonable rates. You will have a qualified instructor to teach you everything you need to know to work your way towards solo flight. When you are a member and hire the glider the instruction is free.

The costs to become a member are listed below;

Membership Fees:

  • Joining: $30 + $22 if required Pilot Log Book And Pilot Training record
  • Annual: $160 ($75 full time student)

Gliding Federation of Australia:

  • 12 months Membership - $320.00
  • 12 months Student Membership - $166.00

Aircraft Hire:

  • $1.10 per min.

Launch Fee (winch):

  • $25.00 per launch
Bundaberg Gliding Club - Learn To Fly